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What About Retirement??


Have you ever wondered why so many individuals never seem to have enough money to retire later on in life?  Is it possible that they never got the education along the way to know how to prepare for their financial future?  Is it that they thought the government would take care of their financial needs when they got older?  Is it that life got in the way and they thought they could worry about that tomorrow, since retirement seemed so far down the road?  Or, maybe they just did not think about it?  In his book, K. Mark Wedemeyer shares his ideas and provides a simple but thought-provoking message to enlighten the reader of the importance in starting a retirement savings plan NOW!

In his concern, especially for his own grandkids and the younger generations living in today's buy-now-pay-later, debt-ridden culture, Mark has provided some basic principles about time, money and human behavior, along with an action plan to help them prepare for their financial future.  Even if you are well on your way toward retirement, it's not too late to start applying these principles.  And, as a parent or teacher, this book can be an invaluable financial planning, teaching tool for you too!

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