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Hi visitor, welcome to my JustAskGrandpa site. I'm Grandpa.  Not the guy at the top of each page.  I'm the guy in the picture on this page.  But you already figured that out.  So, the reason I decided to name the site what it is, was to give folks in younger generations a place to visit and get help or knowledge on various topics or simply for a word of encouragement in an area of need.


Sometimes younger folks have difficulty communicating with their parents or teachers that hold positions of authority.  I certainly had challenges in that area when I was growing up.  But many times I was able to skip a generation if I had a problem or needed advice and get answers by just asking Grandpa.

Grandpas and Grandmas may look old, but behind that look are many years of experience, knowledge, know-how and wisdom.  After all, doesn't it just make sense?........more years yields more knowledge, more experience, more know-how and more wisdom than younger folks who haven't lived as many years.  Let's face it.  Grandpas and Grandmas are valuable!  They can have much to offer.  Don't dismiss them just because they're old! 

Having a heart and concern for younger generations is one of the reasons I wrote the book "But Grandpa, I'm Only Twelve, Why Do we have To Talk About Retirement?"  Twelve years of age is not too young to discuss the topic of saving for retirement.  And schools could certainly include the book as a supplement to a personal finance curriculum which could help future generations stay out of financial trouble.


If you have any thoughts or comments on the book or suggestions for other topics on this site to help younger generations, please feel free to let us know via our CONTACT page.  Thanks for your help!

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