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Being successful can mean different things to different people. It can mean monetary status, educational credentials, vocational titles, official position, power, winning a sports title or any number of various levels of achievement or recognition. But if you haven't achieved in one of those areas, does that mean you are not successful? Does that mean you are a failure? Maybe you feel that way and have fallen into that trap. If so, consider another view of what it means to be successful and allow it to help you move forward.

What if we make our definition of the word success this: "Success = Learning". So if you accomplished a goal the first time you tried, great. You learned how to do that thing. You were successful. But if you failed to accomplish that same goal, why was that? Be honest with yourself. If the goal was totally unrealistic, make it realistic and try again. You're learning how to adjust and be successful. What if missing the mark was an error in judgment. You made a mistake. Admit it, learn how to correct it and move on. You're still learning and succeeding.

Success does not have to be a mountain top experience achievement. It's the little things we learn to do right, do often and over time that make us successful beings. Whether you learn from doing something right or learn from a mistake that you then correct, you are still learning to be successful! Success is not an event. It's a journey and nothing succeeds like success!

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