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Which one is a more valuable resource?  They are both resources right?  They are both necessary in the real world and have value correct?  So which one is more valuable? 

If you are young, you might say money is more valuable and willing to trade your time to earn it.  But if you are older and possibly retired, you might say time is more valuable and willing to trade your money for more of it. 

Another way of looking at it is money can usually be obtained anytime by exchanging a trade, skill or object for it.  But when a unit of time is consumed, one can not get it back or do it over again.  Time as a resource when used is gone forever!  So time is very valuable and could be seen as a more valuable resource than money!

That is why in discussing topics like saving and retirement accounts, it is very important to understand the role time plays in them so that you can have the time AND the money to enjoy when you need them most. You can learn more about these concepts here.

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